Lindsay Clancy Heard Man's Voice Telling Her to Kill Her Kids and Herself in Moment of Psychosis, Lawyer Says

Duxbury mom Lindsay Clancy appears on her Zoom arraignment from her hospital bed.
Duxbury mom Lindsay Clancy appears on her Zoom arraignment from her hospital bed.Handout

Lindsay Clancy, the Massachusetts mother accused of killing her three kids while her husband went to pick up take out, was arraigned in her hospital bed Tuesday afternoon.

Massachusetts mother Lindsay Clancy appeared on Zoom to be arraigned Tuesday afternoon from her hospital bed, where she continues to receive round-the-clock care out of “concern she will commit suicide,” her attorney Kevin Reddington said.

The 32-year-old from Duxbury, who is accused of killing her three kids before attempting suicide, has been charged with two counts of murder, three counts of strangulation and three counts of assault and battery with a deadly weapon, which was described as an exercise rope.

She entered a plea of not guilty and will continue to be held without bail.

Reddington said they intend to pursue a not guilty by reason of insanity defense, and said that she was being overmedicated at the time of the murders, CBS News reported.

But prosecutors claimed that one of the first questions Clancy asked upon waking up was, “Do I need an attorney?” They alleged she had written the question on a white board because she had still been intubated, demonstrating her “clarity, focus and mental acumen.”

Prosecutors also alleged Clancy had interacted with various people, including staff, at a pediatrician’s office the day her kids were strangled, and none of her actions or communications seemed out of the ordinary.

Later that day, Clancy asked her husband to pick up medications for their kids from CVS, as well as take out, according to prosecutors. When he returned, he first saw Clancy in the backyard with cuts to her wrists and neck after she had jumped from a second story window, prosecutors said.

He dialed 911, and EMS arrived before he went to check on the kids, who Clancy said were in the basement, according to prosecutors.

That’s when he found his three children with exercise bands tied around their necks, the prosecutors said.

Clancy allegedly told her husband that she had a moment of psychosis, and allegedly heard a man’s voice telling her to kill the kids and kill herself because it “was her last chance,” according to prosecutors.

The judge ordered that she continue to be held at the unnamed Boston hospital, where she is currently healing from several broken bones in her back and rib cage, according to prosecutors. She is to remain there until she is well enough to be transported, the judge said.

Reddington said she is currently a “paraplegic” and “can’t walk, can’t go to the bathroom” by herself, according to the Boston Herald.

Her indictment will likely be scheduled for the coming weeks.

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