Lionel Messi Breaks Instagram Record With Most Liked Post After Argentina Wins World Cup

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Sunday's win marked the third time Argentina has won the World Cup.

Following Argentina’s World Cup win in Qatar, Lionel Messi made history again by crafting Instagram’s most liked post, according to reports.

The image that Argentina’s captain and No. 10 posted of him holding the world’s most coveted trophy has amassed over 49 million likes and counting, becoming the most popular post of all time from an athlete, according to Yahoo!

Portugal star Cristiano Ronaldo held the record with 42 million likes on a post prior to the start of the World Cup that featured him and Messi playing chess on a Louis Vuitton bag and was photographed by famed photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Yet, after Sunday’s win, Messi’s carousel of images holding the World Cup has set the record.

Along with the likes on the individual post, Messi earned another Instagram milestone by surpassing 400 million followers, according to Yahoo!

Messi won his first World Cup Sunday after he led Argentina to victory against France in what some are calling “the greatest match ever played.” The match, which ended in a 3-3 draw was brought to penalty kicks with Argentina winning.

In a translation of the caption Messi posted, he wrote, “So many times I dreamed it, so much I wanted it that I still don't fall, I can't believe it...... Thank you so much to my family, to all who support me and also to all who believed in us. We prove once again that Argentinians when we fight together and united we are able to achieve what we aim. The merit is of this group, which is above individuals, is the strength of all fighting for the same dream that was also the one of all Argentinians... We did it!!!”

The last World Cup finals appearance from Argentina came in the 2014 tournament in Brazil, where they lost to Germany.

Argentina’s last World Cup victory was at the Mexico tournament in 1986 which featured Diego Maradona as the country’s No. 10. That tournament also featured two of the most famous goals of all time from Maradona, the “Hand of God” goal as well as the “Goal of the Century,” both in a match against England.

Sunday's win marked the third time Argentina has won the World Cup.

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