Little Boy Leaves His Own Candy in Empty Halloween Bowl as Latest Example of 'Reverse Trick-or-Treating'

Wisconsin Boy Leaves His Own Candy in Empty Halloween Bucket
A doorbell camera captured a kind Halloween act. Facebook

A Wisconsin boy discovers an empty Halloween bucket on the porch of home and pays it forward by dropping in his own candy.

A little boy in Wisconsin trudged up the path to a house, only to find an empty Halloween bucket on its porch. After bemoaning his trick-or-treating fate, the child reached into his bag and pulled out his own candy, which he tossed into the pot and then ran away.

The resident's Ring camera captured his generosity, and the homeowners would like to repay him by giving him an entire bag of sweets.

The costumed child was out Sunday, in the town of Mequon's early Halloween celebration.

His act of paying it forward by reverse trick-or-treating is the latest example of a growing trend that has received a lot of attention in the past few years.

As part of the lingering effects of COVID-19, folks have increasingly left baskets of treats on their doorstep as a safeguard against spreading the virus. And that has resulted in some empty candy bowls when residents didn't keep up with trick-or-treating traffic.

Across the country last Halloween, homeowners posted home surveillance videos that showed children responding to barren buckets by depositing some of their own stashes.

In New Jersey, Jessalyn Cleaver posted video from her porch in Toms River, where a little boy and his buddy were met with a sweets container that had run dry.

The child shoves several handfuls of his haul into the bowl, saying he was "leaving candy here for other people." To his smaller companion he shouts "Let's go!" and the two are seen running off.

Cleaver wrote, "If this is your son, he's amazing and you should be VERY proud!" on her Facebook post.

In California last year, a new mother left candy at her front door with a note explaining her baby was sleeping and she couldn't answer the door. After a group of teen-sized trick-or-treaters take the last packs of sweets, a boy wearing a black cape slowly advances to the pot, sees it is empty, and reaches into his bag.

He drops several small bags of candy into it and silently walks away.

In 2020, a little boy dressed as a vampire is seen on home video looking into an empty pumpkin basket. "Oh no!" he exclaims. "They have no more candy," he tells his mom. 

"I got candy," the child says, and bends to retrieve several pieces from his bag. As he carefully places them into the pumpkin, his mother coos, "Awwww, that was really nice."

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