Little Boy's First Time Experiencing Snow Captured in Touching Video: 'Wow!'

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While many were dreading the snowstorm that slammed the East Coast this week, Clayton Watkins was not among them.

The precocious 2-year-old boy was stunned to see snow for the first time outside his family’s Florida home, welcoming the wintry weather with wide eyes and a bright smile.

“Wow!” Clayton says as he steps outside, video captured by his amused father shows.

Outfitted in a red flannel hat, red pants, a cable knit sweater and green boots, Clayton is ready to play, but the toddler is content to simply marvel at the snow.

“Wow! Wow!” he repeats.

It was a stunning event for the little boy, who knew very little about snow before experiencing it first-hand.

“It may have come up in a book that we've read — you know, especially around Christmas time, reading books about Santa and the reindeer — but other than that, not really,” Clayton’s mother, Tasha Watkins, told

Tasha was at work when she saw it was snowing. She immediately called her husband to bring Clayton outside.

“I told my husband he has to get Clayton out there, but he was sleeping and he didn’t want to wake him up, so I was kind of bummed and the snow stopped,” she said. “And then all of a sudden it started coming down again... and I called him and I said this is your last chance, you have to get him out there.”

Apparently Tasha’s mother’s intuition was spot on, because Clayton’s reaction was worth the hustle outside — especially for his working mom, who was grateful to have the moment captured on camera.

“Oh my heart just absolutely melted,” she said. “I opened my phone and I saw the video. I cried. I just couldn’t believe what I saw. I was very proud and happy that I had that memory.”

The last measurable snowfall in Tallahassee reportedly occurred nearly three decades ago.

“We had it [snow] in 1989,” Tasha said. “This is huge for us. This is something that, I mean, I don’t know if I’ll ever see it again in my lifetime… you don't see snow in Florida, so I hope it’s just one of those memories. When he's my age, he looks back on it and he's like, you know that was really, really neat.”


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