Lois Riess on the Run: Authorities Ramp Up Search for Alleged Look-Alike Killer

U.S. Marshals have joined in the investigation of the woman wanted in two slayings.

Billboards featuring an image of Lois Riess, a fugitive grandmother wanted in connection with two killings, are going up in four states as authorities offer rewards for information leading to her arrest.

The 56-year-old allegedly shot her husband to death in Minnesota, police say, and then drove to Florida, where she allegedly killed a woman who resembled her in an effort to steal her identity, according to investigators.

The "wanted" billboards are being unveiled in Texas, New Mexico, California and Arizona. Riess was last seen in Texas, authorities said.

Meanwhile, five new surveillance videos have been released by the Lee County Sheriff's Office. In one, she is seen calmly walking away from Marina Village in Fort Myers, where authorities believe she killed 59-year-old Pamela Hutchinson after befriending her in a restaurant. Another shows Riess driving a 2005 Acura that investigators say belonged to Hutchinson.

Authorities did not say when the videos were recorded.

Rewards totaling $6,000 have been offered for information leading to the woman's arrest.

Police in Pasadena, Calif., received a tip that Riess may be the woman who robbed a bank there on Saturday. Officers said there is no evidence linking Riess to that robbery, but they were investigating the tip.