Long Lines Outside Colorado's New In-N-Out Burger Lead to Pantless Fight

In-N-Out Burger
Getty Images

A pantless fight broke out at one of Colorado's inaugural In-N-Out burger joints last Friday, according to reports. A video surfaced of the fight on social media that featured three men fight-fighting outside a line of cars waited as long as 14-hours to place their orders at the fast-food joint in Aurora. 

In the video, two of the men collapse to the ground –– causing one of them to lose their sweatpants along the way as spectators cheered on.

Aurora is one of two Colorado cities that has recently had outposts of the California-based chain open. Colorado Springs is home to the state's other In-N-Out. 

Waiting time for the drive-thru was shortened to only eight hours by Saturday.

“I don’t know if we’ve ever felt more welcome, between all the anticipation and the requests for In-N-Out to come to Colorado, and now to see the customers out here this morning just feels great,” the company's vice president Denny Warnick told the Gazette as foodies flocked to the fast-food joint.



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