Los Angeles 8-Year-Old Living With Family in Shed Starts Plant Business That Helps Them Secure Stable Housing

The 8-year-old's small business Aaron's Garden helped his family move into stable housing.
The 8-year-old's small business Aaron's Garden helped his family move into stable housing.(GoFundMe)

Aaron Moreno, the boy who founded Aaron's Garden, even brought back his older sister, who was sent to live in Mexico with her grandparents when the family could no longer afford to care for her.

A Los Angeles family had been living in a shed until their entrepreneurial 8-year-old’s business supported them enough to upgrade to a home. Aaron Moreno helped his family find stable housing, thanks to his gardening business, Aaron’s Garden.

“He’s just been doing everything for us,” his single mother, Berenice Pacheco, told WPVI. “He’s like the man of the house.”

Pacheco is undocumented, and lost her job in the pandemic, which made it harder to support Aaron and his younger sister. Aaron also has an older sister who was sent to live with his grandparents in Mexico two years ago because of financial struggles.

The family had been down to their last $12, and struggling with homelessness. Out of desperation, they moved into a shed on their relatives’ property, where they slept together on a twin bed, their GoFundMe page read.

That’s when Aaron decided to take things into his own hands, and start a business selling plants.

The business, and the GoFundMe page that advertises it, took off, and as Pacheco worked on getting back on her feet by finding a part-time job, Aaron quickly earned enough to help his family get a car, move to a real home and purchase furniture.

“We don’t have to struggle as much as before,” Aaron said.

He even made enough to bring his sister Ayleen back from Mexico. “I’m so proud of my brother because he was the one who got me back,” she said.

"I think the best thing for me well, everything has been the best, but it's that Aaron got to reunite us with his older sister with the money he received," Pacheco said.

They now plan to remodel the garage in their new home in order to expand Aaron’s Garden.