Los Angeles Homeowner Opens Fire on Armed ‘Dinnertime’ Burglar Suspects

“I was like, there is no way I’m letting them inside the house,” Vince Ricci tells Inside Edition.

In some parts of the United States, police are seeing a rise in home robberies during dinner time.

In one incident, an armed robber jumped a gate, followed by another robber during the dinner hour. Waving a gun, the men snuck up on the startled homeowner, who had just returned home. The homeowner threw his hot tea at the robbers and fired his gun. A shootout unraveled, and the homeowner took cover while the robbers escaped.

Vince Ricci says he was returning home from the gym.

“I was walking in and my wife was about to have dinner. The only thing that went through my mind was protecting my kid,” Ricci says.

Ricci’s baby girl was asleep upstairs.

“I was like, there is no way I’m letting them inside the house,” Ricci says.

When the hot tea did not stop the robbers, Ricci opened fire.

The father says his concealed weapons permit has been suspended. 

Ricci has this message for the Los Angeles County Sheriff: “From a father to a father, let me protect my family.”

At another Los Angeles home, burglars also attempted a break-in at dinner time. Three burglars jumped a fence and walked along a house. Video shows one masked intruder peering into the home. The three burglars were then on the run after the homeowner confronted them with his gun and chased them away.

Homeowner Geroge Lozano has 15 surveillance cameras mounted in plain sight, but they did not seem to deter the burglars.

“It just seems like, you know, what do they care if they are going to be arrested and processed and released,” Lozano says.

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