Louisiana Man Opening Trailer Park for Swingers: 'Bring Your House and Share Your Spouse'

Swingers' Trailer Park
Future site of Tee Boi's trailer park for swingers.Tee Boi/Facebook

The Tee Boi’s Swinger Trailer Park is currently under construction in the small town of Mamou, Lousiana.

For couples who are not monogamous, a new vacation spot is opening in central Louisiana.

Tee Boi's Swinger Trailer Park is the brainchild of David Aucoin, whose motto for the site is "Bring your house and share your spouse." The resident of Mamou, a town of roughly 3,000 residents in Evangeline Parish, said he came up with the idea after learning that the population of people who share their partners was much bigger than he ever imagined. 

"I come up with ideas for fun. I like to think of some odd things. I know some folks who partake of this lifestyle," he told Inside Edition Digital on Wednesday, and he wanted to do something helpful, he said.

"I feel like I'm helping people. I'm not a swinger, but I'm doing something for someone that appreciates it," he said. Since he created a Facebook page for the planned site, he has been overwhelmed by responses, both positive and negative.

More than 1,000 people have contacted him, he said. "I have people who want to build cafes, who want to enhance it for the better. The phone rings every two minutes."

He's also taken some flack from people who think the notion of sharing spouses is a sin.

"A lot of people in my community hate me right now. Some people always have something to say, no matter what it's about," he said. "It's this terrible stigma people have in their mind that these people are doing something terribly wrong."

The controversy doesn't really bother him, he said.

"I'm good at being the a** of a joke. They give a bad name to trailer parks and they give a bad name to swingers."

Aucoin says his facility will hopefully open on Memorial Day weekend in 2022. The site will be more like a campground or an amusement park than a traditional mobile home park, with small cabins for rent and public activities.

Though he firmly respects the rights of couples to couple with whomever they choose, he's not a swinger himself.

"I'm a happily married man," he said. "I love the idea of owning it and creating it, but that's not what I'm in it for."

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