'Machete' Star Danny Trejo Climbs Into Overturned Car to Rescue Trapped Boy With Special Needs

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Danny Trejo is best known for playing the villain, but he is a hero in real life after he rescued a child. 

The 75-year-old “Machete” actor came to the rescue Wednesday after two cars T-boned at a Los Angeles intersection.

One of the vehicles, a grey SUV, flipped upside down. Just like a scene from one of his action movies, Trejo ran into harm’s way to help.

A little boy with special needs and his grandmother were trapped inside. The boy was strapped in a car seat and Trejo climbed into the mangled metal. With the help another good Samaritan, the two worked as a team to free the child.

“I had to crawl through the window. I couldn’t get the baby out,” he told OnScene.TV. "The only thing that saved that little kid was his car seat."

Once freed, the grandma and the boy give Trejo a well-deserved hug and a thank you before being taken to the hospital to be cared for. 


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