Idaho Man Accused of Murdering Family of 4 After Alleging Teen Son Was Pedophile Gets Plea Deal

Majorjon Kaylor
Majorjon Kaylor (right) agreed to a plea deal in his murder case (victims Kenneth Guardipee, Devin Smith, and Kenna Guardipee on left) earlier this week.Facebook, Shoshone County Sheriff's Department

Majorjon Kaylor's wife alleged that Devin Smith, 18, "had exposed himself, was shaking his penis, and masturbating through window in front of her and her juvenile daughters," according to the affidavit of probable cause.

An Idaho man charged with murdering a family whose teenage son he alleged to be a pedophile has agreed to a plea deal.

Majorjon Kaylor, 32, will enter a guilty plea to four counts of murder in exchange for prosecutors agreeing to downgrade the charges from first- to second-degree murder, according to a mediated settlement agreement obtained by Inside Edition Digital. 

Prosecutors also agreed to drop a burglary charge in exchange for Kaylor's plea, according to the agreement, which the defendant, his lawyer, the prosecuting attorney, and the judge all signed off on earlier this week.

The family of victims Kenna Guardipee, her father, Kenneth Guardipee, and her sons Devin and Aiken Smith also approved of this deal, with eight members signing off on the agreement.

Prosecutors did not set any sentencing guidelines as part of the plea deal, and the agreement instead says that all involved parties "shall each retain the ability to argue openly at the time of sentencing for any sentence which said party deems appropriate." 

The sentences for first- and second-degree murder are largely similar in Idaho, with each carrying a minimum sentence of 10 years and a maximum sentence of life without parole.

First-degree murder convictions do carry the possibility of the death penalty in Idaho, but prosecutors submitted a filing early on in the proceedings in which they declared that they would not be seeking the death penalty in this case.

The official change of plea hearing is now scheduled for Dec. 18, according to a court notice.

Kaylor allegedly confessed to the murders multiple times on the night of his arrest.

A previous  response filed by prosecutors in the case said that Kaylor called 911 shortly after all four members of the Guardipee-Smith family were shot dead and said: “This is Majorjon Kaylor. I just went downstairs and executed a f***ing pedophile and his family.” 

The dispatcher then tried to clarify Kaylor's statement by asking if he shot someone, according to the motion, to which the suspect replied: "I shot four people they’re all dead."

A medical examination determined that both Kenna and Kenneth were likely shot in the chest and fell to the ground, according to the response.

Once on the ground, both were shot in the head with a single bullet fired from a gun that appeared to be pressed directly to their temples, according to the response.

The killings occurred a few days after Kaylor's wife, Kaylie, indicated in a Facebook post that Devin Smith, 18, "had exposed himself, was shaking his penis, and masturbating through window in front of her and her juvenile daughters," according to the affidavit of probable cause.

Smith was the son of Kenna and grandson of Kenneth.

The police had responded to the incident and investigated, according to the affidavit of probable cause, but five days later Kaylor confronted Kenna and Kenneth about Devin.

Prosecutors write in their response that Kaylor told detectives: “They were saying there’s nothing you can do about it, he [Devin] can do whatever he wants. They were smugger than f***. Like I -- there is no way to politely say like -- there was no remorse, there was no ‘we’re sorry’ or you know “yeah it’s problem we’re working on it.’ Nothing.” 

Kaylor went on to claim that the two told him that he could not do anything about it, according to the response, at which point he told detectives: "So I did something about it." 

After allegedly shooting Kenna and Kenneth, Kaylor then moved inside the house, where police believe he first killed 16-year-old Aiken Smith, who "was shot: point blank or near point blank range while lying on the floor in prone position" and finally Devin Smith, according to the probable cause affidavit filed in the case.

Devin "had been shot multiple times from close range," and police believe that Kaylor "would have likely had to deliberately change magazines and/or reload magazines in order to continue shooting and discharge the number of rounds which were identified to have been fired during the homicide," says the affidavit.

Police also note in the probable cause affidavit that they found "both blood and tissue on the pistol, consistent with close range shot or shots."

Lawyers for Kaylor and prosecutors are both unable to comment on the case due to a nondisseminaton order that bars any lawyers or members of law enforcement involved in the case from speaking to the media.

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