Man, 80, Plans to Swim at Every Beach in Ireland to Raise Money for Mental Health Charity

Ireland Swim

He started the trek earlier in December and plans to be done in January, as he turns 81.

One man is planning to swim at every beach in Ireland in order to raise money for a mental health charity, Irish Central reported.

Paddy Conaghan, 80, of County Donegal says he hasn’t swam in over 60 years but that isn’t going to stop him from taking a dip in the name of charity, according to Donegal Live.

He started his undertaking in early December and is trying to hit every beach during the Christmas period, Sky News reported.

"I can't climb mountains anymore," he told Sky. "I can't run anymore, I can't cycle anymore, like I used to do. But I can do a bit of swimming and diving."

After each dip, he packs himself into a van and it is onto the next beach. He has been eating steak and eggs in the van, then will have a few pints at a local pub wherever he may be and then sleeps in his vehicle, Sky reported.

He said he wanted to do the swimming in the winter because “you're not going to get any money if you're enjoying yourself, are you?"

Conaghan has been training for 10 months by taking ice baths, Sky reported.

He is raising money via GoFundMe for Gemma's Legacy of Hope, a mental health counseling service in his native County Donegal.

Originally he planned on raising just over 1,000 Euros but he has now taken in almost 50,000 Euros, according to his GoFundMe page.

He plans to be in his van continuing his fundraiser until January when he will turn 81.

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