Man Caught on Camera Trespassing to Smell Resident's Laundry - Twice

He hasn't been identified.

A trespasser caught on camera in Phoenix isn’t doing what you might think.

An Ahwatukee resident said she called the police as soon as she saw someone lurking in her backyard after her homeowner’s motion detection alarm went off. When she later looked at her surveillance footage, she was shocked.

The man didn’t try to break in her house.

He just smelled the laundry she had laying out.

"I called 911," the woman, who didn’t want to be identified, told CBS. "I was scared."

He smelled the laundry several times before walking away.

And within a five-month time frame, the homeowner caught the man on camera again, smelling laundry in her yard for a second time.

“To think that he’s in my backyard two times in five months and how many times before that?” she said.  

A neighbor said he isn’t pleased about the incidents.

“It’s a pervert smelling laundry,” said Jack Kubert. "I’ve got little kids and if I saw that video of that guy smelling my kid’s laundry I would lose it."

The homeowner has since filed a police report and installed two extra surveillance cameras and motion detection floodlights.

Residents are hoping the laundry-sniffer will come clean.