Man in Court For Drug Charge Accidentally Drops Cocaine During Hearing: Police


He was re-arrested and received another drug charge.

A Colorado man who was in court for a felony drug charge got in more trouble when drugs allegedly fell out of his hat during the hearing, reports said. 

Juan Jose Vidrio Bibriesca, 43, was in court on Wednesday standing next to two defendants when a wad of cocaine allegedly fell from his hat, the Associated Press reported.

Bibriesca was allegedly taking off his hat in front of the judge when a square, folded paper fell to the floor, reports said. 

Police reviewed the surveillance footage and reportedly determined the cocaine inside of the paper had fallen from Bibriesca’s hat.

Bibriesca was walked over to the county jail and charged with narcotics possession and a bond violation.

Bibriesca was born in Mexico and is reportedly in the country illegally, reports said.