Man Gets Chopstick Stuck in Stomach After Inserting Into Body Out of 'Curiosity'

Chopsticks used for dinner.
Getty Images

A 68-year-old man hospitalized for abdominal pain learned he was suffering discomfort because of the chopstick lodged inside his stomach, according to reports.

The unnamed man in China had placed the metal chopstick in his rear end because of “curiosity,” and was interested in checking out his backside because he was developing hemorrhoids, according to the Daily Mail.

Doctors in Xiangyang, Hubei province of central China, made the shocking discovery that the chopstick was lodged in his belly after performing an X-ray on April 22.

The man underwent surgery to remove the utensil. While the size of the chopstick is unknown, standard chopsticks are about 10 inches in length.

“A duty doctor gave him an X-ray scan and we spotted a metal object in the patient's abdominal cavity,” a doctor told local press, according to the Mail. “During the surgery, we removed a metal chopstick from [his] colon.”


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