14-Year-Old Hospitalized With 100 Bubble Tea Pearls in Her Stomach: Report

More than 100 tapioca were found in her stomach.
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A girl in China was rushed to the emergency room because she was constipated. The unlikely culprit? Too much bubble tea. 

The 14-year-old was hospitalized in May after telling doctors she had been constipated for multiple days. When doctors did a CT scan, they found at least 100 tapioca pearls in the teen’s stomach, Asia One reported.

She also told doctors she was experiencing stomach aches and had no appetite. 

The girl was questioned about her bubble tea drinking habits following the discovery. She claimed she’d had just one before checking in to the hospital, but doctors said it had to have taken much more to end up in her state, the paper reported. 

Tapioca pearls can be hard for the body to digest because they are made out of starch. 

Doctors prescribed her laxatives for the condition, according to reports. 


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