Man Getting Death Threats After Some Say Vegas Tribute Looked Like Halloween Decorations

The man's attorney said the display was only meant to honor the lives of those lost.

A Las Vegas homeowner says he's received death threats after putting up a tribute for the victims of the mass shooting at the Route 91 Harvest country music festival earlier this month that critics said looked like a Halloween display. 

The Aliante resident put up 58 headstones — one for each of the victims in the Oct. 1 mass shooting — in front of a black banner that read “#VegasStrong” on Oct. 14, the unnamed man’s attorney Stephen Stubbs told 

Though neighbors reportedly appreciated the man’s intent, he began receiving backlash after a photo of the display was shared on social media. 

“The moment, the very moment that he heard anyone was offended by it, he immediately took it down,” Stubbs said, noting his client has kept the banner up. “He's just a nice guy who was trying to do the right thing.”

Assumptions that the tribute in some way was tied to the upcoming holiday were wrong, the attorney said.

“It is not a Halloween display," he added. "It has never been a Halloween display.”

Stubbs told KTNV-TV that his client has done all he can to help in the wake of the tragedy, including donating food to first responders. 

“He meant this solely as a tribute," he said. "The message was ‘rest in peace’ and ‘Vegas strong.’”

Stubbs told that other tributes erected in honor of those who lost their lives in the massacre have been positively received and his client’s efforts were made in the same vein.

“A cross is the exact same thing [as a headstone],” Stubbs said. “The cross is the exact same thing. He just used the materials readily available to him at the time. He thought that the fact that they had RIP or rest in peace on the headstones was beautiful."

Photos of the display have taken on a life of their own, as reports of the image’s contents began spiraling out of control, Stubbs said. 

“Rumors started circulating with it that he had a mannequin with a toy assault rifle pointing at the headstones,” the lawyer said. “His life has been threatened... he’s received death threat calls at his work.”

Now, the man hopes to put this online furor behind him.

“He just wants to be left alone. This poor guy; this is just days of this,” Stubbs said. “He is just devastated that anyone would be upset.”