Man Killed by Shark in 8th Fatal Attack in Australia in 2020, Most Deadly Encounters in 1 Year Since 1929

A shark swims in the ocean.
Getty Images

A 55-year-old Australian man died Sunday after being attacked by a shark off Australia’s West Coast, making him the eighth person to die from a shark attack this year. Police were called to Cable Beach, a popular tourist spot on Australia's Indian Ocean coast, at about 8:40 a.m, CBS News reported.

The man was pulled from the water with injuries to his leg and hand and was treated by police before paramedics arrived. He died at the scene, police said.

The man had been body boarding about 100-130 feet from the beach when he was attacked, Kimberley District Office Police Inspector Gene Pears told reporters. Two people on the beach saw the ensuing struggle and rushed into the water to drag him to safety. A couple on the beach saw thrashing in the water and rushed to drag the man to safety, CBS News reported. 

Cops said they shot and killed the shark after they saw it lingering close to shore for 30 minutes after they arrived on scene.

Australia has seen an abundance of shark attack-related deaths this year. The most recent marks the eighth in the nation and most since 1929.


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