Man Plays Bagpipes in 100 Countries — a World Record

Ross Jennings is playing his pipes in the U.S. after having serenaded Scotland, Turkey, Rome and beyond.

Ross Jennings has a very specific goal: to play the bagpipes in every country in the world. 

Today, he marked a major milestone, breaking a world record by playing his instrument of choice in 100 countries. So what was lucky No. 100? The United States — Times Square, specifically.

"USA, you are officially country No. 100!" Jennings told Inside Edition. 

From a cliff in Scotland to a hot-air balloon festival in Turkey to the scorching desert in Africa, he's played his bagpipes across the globe.

When it came to playing in America, he knew exactly where he wanted to go. 

"I think this is one of the most iconic spots in the United States," Jennings said, gesturing around at Times Square. 

So what made him seek out this specific goal?

"I love traveling, I love playing the bagpipes and I thought, 'Why don't I try to do something no one else has done?'" Jennings said.