Man Pretends to Be 'Fake Boyfriend' to Help Keep Women From Getting Unwanted DMs

He said he did it in an effort to stop women from getting harassed online.

When Trevor Norris tweeted a series of pictures pretending to be a fake boyfriend, he said he instantly got a huge response. He did it, he said, in an effort to stop women from getting harassed online.

"Saw there was an actual market of women that needed this, so here are some pictures y'all can use to send to guys that won't leave you alone or keep sending you unsolicited pictures. Goodluck," the caption on the pictures read.

Norris initially posed a series of photos to Twitter. He said talking to his friends made him realize women receiving unsolicited DMs (direct messages) was common than he initially thought. That is what prompted him to post the pictures in the first place.

"I see it happen all the time because I do have a lot of friends that are girls and I'll step in and act like their boyfriend just so they'll leave and stuff like that, so I know that it's a problem," Norris told

So far, Norris said he has gotten several replies thanking him for what he has done.

"I just want to thank you so much for your pics. I think this guy will finally stop hitting me up," one woman wrote.

"Thank you for these pics sweet prince, you saved me," said another.

Some men have already seen the pictures, but Trevor said he is unfazed by it.

"I don't care if the guys have already seen the pictures. That's helping them understand they're not interested."

The University of Southern Mississippi student is also a content creator and said he wants to use his social media influence for good.

"Girls can't stop it. And that's the big problem. A block won't stop it because they may see them in real life, then it's even more awkward."

He has made three batches of different poses, totaling 40 "fake boyfriend" pics. He said he gets some pretty specific requests from around the globe.

"One girl, she's from Australia and asked if I could take pics from the other side of the car."

He hopes his message reaches far beyond just his followers.

"That's what I do want, I just want this message to be heard. So if no one else gonna speak about it, I'm definitely ready for it."