Man Proposes to Girlfriend at BroadwayCon, Michael Urie's Reaction Takes Center Stage

Drama took center stage with a surprise proposal at New York’s BroadwayCon.

Drama took center stage with a surprise proposal at New York’s BroadwayCon.

Actor and director Anthony Logan Cole was on stage in the middle of a speech when he summoned his girlfriend Natalie Chernicoff, who works with him as an equity stage manager.

Once she finally made it through the crowd, it’s hard to tell who was more excited for the moment — the couple or all of the other celebrities on stage. Chief among them? Actor Michael Urie.

“Michael Urie's reaction was my favorite thing I've ever seen. He was 100 percent there and in the moment and loving every second of it,” Chernicoff told

For Cole, the moments leading up to the excitement were nerve-wracking.  

“The ring has been in the apartment for about a month changing hiding places every couple of days. Bringing it to the hotel [and] walking around all day with it in my pocket, [I was] trying not to lose it,” said Cole.

Cole and Chernicoff have been together since 2016. Cole had been planning the proposal for eight months and popped the question with his grandmother’s ring from the 1940s. Everyone there was in on the surprise except for Chernicoff, who revealed she was ready to go home.

She said her friends were able to convince her to stay without blowing the cover.

“I kept trying to leave. [I kept saying] 'I don't want to be here until 10:30. Or what if I go change into pajamas?' They were like, 'What if you don't?'”

Chernicoff said it’s up to Cole for the wedding to be as showstopping as the proposal.