Man Proposes in Times Square While Wearing Pikachu Costume

Meng Wang, 25, was confused when a Pikachu took his head off after she finished taking a picture with him.

A husband went all out and donned a Pikachu costume to propose to his girlfriend in the middle of New York’s Times Square. 

Meng Wang, 25, was confused when a costumed Pikachu took his head off when she finished taking a picture with him and it was her boyfriend, Da Wang. Da wasn’t sure how it would his plan would go at first. 

“I was a bit worried about if I could approach her successfully in the costume, because she might think the Pikachu will charge for taking photos,” Da told T&T Creative Media. "I know her well and she might think, 'That's a waste of money.'”

Da hired a photographer and Meng’s friends also tagged along to celebrate the couple’s one-year anniversary with a Broadway show. Times Square was on the way. 

Meng was slightly confused when her best friend from Chicago, who wasn’t set to come, appeared. Then Da took off his Pikachu hat and got down on one knee while a violinist played in the background. 

And Meng said yes! Meng said the moment was emotional for everyone.

“Da cried. My mom cried. Our friends cried — I didn't at that moment, but I cried the next morning — a very long reflex arc,” she said. “Lots of people congratulated us and he received tons of compliments like, ‘He's so sweet’ and ‘He's so romantic’ which I agree with.”