Man Reunites With His Beloved Dog After Someone Stole His Car While She Was Inside

The dog was found at a homeless camp.

A California man is ecstatic now that he has his dog back. 

Daniel Ashimine’s dog, Holly, was in the backseat of his parked car when it was stolen from a parking lot in Torrance earlier this month. 

“My wife and I started driving all over the place looking for the dog,” Daniel Ashimine told CBS2 News. “The last couple of nights I didn’t get any rest.”

A good Samaritan later called police last Tuesday to let them know she spotted a suspicious man parking a totaled car on her block. The car turned out to be Ashimine’s. However, his beloved Holly was not inside. 

“Man, I had a heart attack!” Ashimine told CBS2 News. “I don’t care about my car, I really love my dog!”

When police questioned the suspect, he told them he’d left the dog at a local homeless camp. Ashimine quickly rushed to the location Friday after hearing the news, and found Holly. 

“I was there in five minutes!" Ashimine exclaimed. "I was the happiest man in the world, man. I love that dog so much. It was amazing.”

Ashimine said Holly is very happy to be reunited, and so is he.