Man Says Intruder Cleaned His Entire House and Left Toilet Paper Roses

Nate Roman said he returned home last week to find his backdoor unlocked and roses on his toilet paper rolls.

A stranger reportedly entered a Massachusetts man’s home, but instead of taking anything, the intruder cleaned it. 

Nate Roman said he returned home last week to find his backdoor unlocked, and upon entering his Marlboro home, he noticed someone had cleaned the rooms and bathrooms, and mopped the floors. 

“I can smell cleaning chemicals,” Roman told of the moment he walked in. “I called the police. They said, 'Get out of the house right away.'”

Roman said he usually has cameras on but they are only triggered by his alarm system, which he forgot to set that day. 

The intruder even left pretty flower roses on his toilet rolls, according to Roman.

“Nobody stole anything that I found so far,” Roman said. 

He said he suspects a cleaning service may have stopped at the wrong house, but the perks of a clean house were outweighed by the terror of knowing someone was inside.

“I am trying to look on the bright side like, ‘Well at least I got my floors done and my bathroom cleaned,'” Roman said. “It’d be nice to know, but I might never know what happened.”

Roman joked the only person who saw the culprit was his son’s bearded dragon.

“And he’s not going to tell anybody what he saw.”