Man Stages Fake Labor Emergency in Elaborate Proposal to Nurse Girlfriend

A New York man enlisted the help of a pregnant woman who pretended to be in labor and the FDNY for his elaborate proposal.

A New York man staged a fake emergency — complete with firefighters and a woman pretending to be in labor — all for an elaborate proposal to his nurse girlfriend.

When Amy Marshall saw what she thought was a woman about to give birth on a bench, she didn’t think twice before springing into action. She put on surgical gloves and prepared to assist with the delivery.

That’s when she turned around and realized it was all a ruse. Her boyfriend Mike Matthews was down on one knee with a ring in hand.

“I turned around and was like, ‘This is fake?’ and threw the gloves,” Marshall said.

Matthews says it looked so real, even he was convinced the woman was about to give birth even though he was the one who set it up.

“She's screaming and the firemen are taking her vitals and Amy's in nurse mode and I’m like, I’m watching an actual delivery — oh wait no, this is fake,” Matthews said.

Matthews enlisted the pregnant woman and the FDNY for the scheme. He also had a graphic designer create a fake Citizen app alert that said “woman in labor” just one block away from where they were.

“That helped kind of cement the validity of the whole thing for Amy. It was like, OK, this is real,” Matthews said.

Once Marshall was in full nurse mode, Matthews popped the question. She said yes!

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