Musician Couple's Quarantine Livestream Concert Ends With Marriage Proposal

The moment couldn't have been more perfect, especially because music is what brought the pair together in 2016 after they joined the same band. 

A California couple recently put their shared love of music to good use by entertaining neighbors and friends stuck inside amid the coronavirus pandemic.

But the way it ended — a surprise marriage proposal — is something the two won't soon forget.

Lillian Yee and Ron Songco texted several of their neighbors asking if they would enjoy live music played on their Sunnyvale front porch. Their neighbors were thrilled about the idea, so Lillian and Ron also decided to also record the performance and broadcast it on Facebook Live.

With Lillian on the melodica and vocals and Ron on the guitar, the two played songs for about an hour. Then, Lillian started saying goodbye to the viewers.

Secretly, however, Ron had been thinking of a way to propose for the last six months with a ring that belonged to his grandmother. Lillian had previously said she hoped their proposal could be recorded. Stuck at home for the foreseeable future, Ron saw the perfect opportunity in their virtual performance.

"I just thought it was it," Lillian told "I just wanted to say goodbye to all our friends and family and anybody that we didn't know who was watching."

Ron started gushing about how much he loved her and that she was a wonderful partner, which at first Lillian thought was a bit over the top for what they were doing. 

"So when he said it again, he made sure he got my attention and I felt like, okay, he's really trying to say something and now he's making a speech out of it and oh my god, what's going on?"

He then got down on one knee and popped the question. Lillian said yes and the comments section on the video went wild.

The moment couldn't have been more perfect, especially because music is what brought the pair together when in 2016, they joined the same band. 

"I think it's an interesting time, especially with the quarantine and with the virus," Lillian said. "And while everything can seem very dark, I think I was just glad that Ron brought some light into all of that for me."