Man in Suit Hitches Ride on Woman's Back in Train Station Flood

Chivalry is, apparently, not dead.

One New Jersey commuter was caught in a flood and had to be rescued by an apparent total stranger.

The man had just gotten off a train from New York City Wednesday evening and was headed to his car in the parking lot as the raging storm waters came flooding down the steps of the Short Hills Station. The man stood watching on the steps, contemplating if he should walk through the water.

Video of the incident shows a woman appear with an umbrella. The man grabs the umbrella and jumps on the woman's back for a quick ride above the rapids — so he wouldn't get wet.  

The video is knocking people out of their socks. 

The woman who shot the video, Ashley Maas, wrote the caption: “got off the train in short hills and witnessed this ‘rich person’ gem.”    

"I didn’t even see the woman, she sort of just popped up and he jumped on her back and they left and I was just laughing too hard to keep doing anything," she told Inside Edition. "I think they were just joking around and my husband ... thought it was the funniest thing ever and I was like, 'I would totally give you a piggy back ride if you asked for it.'" 

Short Hills is an upscale New Jersey town near New York City.

One person on social media commented, "I would do the same for my awesome husband."