Man Suspected of Fatally Stabbing Girlfriend in February Found in Mexico With Help From Internet Detectives

Victor Sosa
LA Police Department

Daisy De La O was stabbed to death outside her apartment in February, and her ex-boyfriend has been charged with murder after fleeing to Mexico and living under an alternate name, according to authorities.

TikTok users have aided in finding the man who is charged with killing his girlfriend.

After fleeing his home, Victor Sosa, 25, was apprehended and charged with first-degree murder, having allegedly stabbed his girlfriend, Daisy De La O, 19, to death outside of her family home on February 23.

Detectives say they believe the apartment’s security footage shows Sosa dragging De La O into the alley. 

A 13-year-old boy testified that he saw De La O laying on the ground with Sosa walking around her the night of her death, and Juan Tellez, the property manager of the family’s Compton apartment, found the young woman’s body the next day underneath a roll of carpet, according to local outlet ABC 7. 

Authorities said that the tips from TikTok internet sleuths were a help in locating and facilitating Sosa’s arrest, shown in a compilation video from ABC 7.

Sosa had been staying in Mexico and working at Papas & Beer bar and nightclub — a known tourist spot in Rosarito, a city south of Tijuana — reportedly using a different name. Authorities said he ended up admitting who he really was. 

Susana Salas, De La O’s mother, shared with ABC 7 that her daughter had ended her and Sosa’s relationship a month prior to her murder, in part due to allegations of physical abuse.

Sosa texted De La O the night she was killed and convinced her to come outside, and her grandfather testified and said he saw Sosa peeking through their window minutes before his granddaughter was supposed to meet him, according to the outlet. 

Salas recalled her daughter saying, "I'll be back, OK, I won't take long, I promise."

"Those were her last words my baby girl told me," Salas told ABC7. "She left, she never came back."

Claudia Gutierrez, Sosa’s mother, testified against her son at the hearing on Tuesday. Gutierrez said she asked Sosa "If he had done it," and told her son to do the right thing and turn himself in, according to the local outlet.

Sosa has pleaded not guilty, and is being held in the Los Angeles County jail on a $2 million bond. He is set to return to court on September 21, according to jail records.

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