Man Unaware of COVID-19 and George Floyd Protests Returns From 75-Day Retreat, Tweets 'Did I Miss Anything?'

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Seventy-five days spent away from news and society at large was enough time for Daniel Thorson to find his entire world completely changed.

Thorson spent more than two months in a small Vermont cabin as part of a meditation retreat, leaving behind his phone, internet and any access to information about current events.

When he left his cabin and logged onto social media for the first time, he tweeted: “Did I miss anything?”

That he did. He missed the COVID-19 pandemic’s arrival in the U.S. and the beginnings of what’s become a worldwide movement calling for racial equality in response to the death of George Floyd

“The first time I saw everybody wearing masks in the supermarket, it was [like] a very sci-fi movie experience,” Thorson told Inside Edition. “A very striking image.”

Thorson’s girlfriend has been away on a separate retreat, so she's in for a few surprises when she comes home, too.


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