Man Wakes From Coma and Is Reunited With His Dog After Both Survive Devastating House Fire

Barak licks his owner who he has been separated from for nearly four months.

The shelter told Barak’s owner that his beloved dog will be cared for no matter how long it took.

A Maryland man was reunited with his best “furry” friend after he spent months in a coma after his house burned down and his dog was sent to a temporary shelter.

Barak was separated from his owner in October after an explosion destroyed their home. The man survived but was left in a coma, and so his dog was taken to the Baltimore Animal Rescue and Care Shelter (BARCS). The largest animal shelter in Maryland, BARCS takes in more than 10,000 cats and dogs as well as an additional 1,000 exotic animals annually, according to its website. 

“Baltimore made national headlines when several neighboring houses in our city exploded. One of the homes belonged to Barak and his dad. It was by a miracle that they narrowly survived the disaster which resulted in other fatalities,” said a shelter representative in a Facebook post.

Barak was transferred to BARCS and his dad to shock trauma where he was put into an induced coma for life-threatening burns, ABC News reported.

During his ambulance ride at the hospital, the man kept telling the EMTs and doctors that he wanted his dog, begging that Barak be saved and returned to him, WPDE News reported.  

The shelter told Barak’s owner that his beloved dog will be cared for no matter how long it took. The shelter said guaranteeing that long of a hold, even for an emergency, wasn't always possible, but due to COVID-19, its foster program had expanded, which opened up enough space to help more pet owners in crisis.

Barak was treated to long walks, playgroup romps, in-kennel enrichment, training sessions and lots of TLC by all their staff and volunteers. At the end of January, Barak’s dad secured dog-friendly housing, according to the shelter, and the pair finally reunited. 

“He hugged and kissed his very best buddy, with all those around him watching in tears. Keeping this family together was worth the resources and worth the wait,” the BARCs team said.