Man Who Had Heart Attack After Saving Elderly Woman From Burning House Would 'Do It Again in a Heartbeat'

Shortly after helping carry out an elderly woman from her burning home, a man collapsed and suffered a heart attack. He survived and doesn't regret the rescue one bit.

Right after a man helped save an elderly woman from her burning house in New Hampshire, he collapsed to the ground and suffered a heart attack.

But retired paper supplier Tom Kehoe, 67, said he would “do it again in a heartbeat.”

The dramatic rescue was captured on video by Lariana Garvis, who was driving through the neighborhood when she came across the fire.

She recorded the action as Kehoe and another man carried the woman from her home as she sat in her armchair. The elderly woman had soot on her face from breathing in the smoke.

With the woman safe and help on the way, Garvis thought things were OK. 

“It was maybe ten seconds after they got her to safety” when Kehoe collapsed, Garvis said. “He had just saved her, and then he went down. It was wild. It was wild.”

“I threw my phone down and just started doing chest compressions,” Garvis said.

She performed CPR on Kehoe until an ambulance arrived.

Inside Edition spoke to Kehoe as he recovers in his hospital room. He is expected to have triple bypass surgery this week.

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