Quick-Acting Officer Saves Elderly Man From Roaring House Fire

Police Officer Saves 79-Year-Old Man From House Fire

Officer Tony Becker of the Port Washington Police Department sprung into action after hearing the crackle of flames in time to rescue a 79-year-old man.

An elderly man was rescued from a house fire by a local police officer. 

Officer Tony Becker was on his route when he heard crackling noises on Sunday evening, leading him to discover a home around a block away that had gone up in flames. 

When he approached the house, a woman came out of the garage and told the officer that her husband was still inside, according to the bodycam footage obtained from CBS 58.

Police say that a fireball came from this area shortly after Becker’s arrival, and black smoke poured from the home while he searched for the 79-year-old man still inside. 

Becker’s bodycam footage shows the officer calling out for the man and telling him to get low to the ground and come towards his voice. He was able to pull the man from the home shortly after.

Captain Craig Czarnecki, administrative captain for the Port Washington Police Department, said he's proud of Becker for thinking on his feet. 

"He put himself in harm's way, he did a great job and helped save somebody," said Captain Czarnecki.

The officer was treated for smoke inhalation and then returned to work for the remainder of his shift, according to CBS.

The Port Washington Police Department also put out a statement about the fire and actions of the officer.

"House fires are dangerous scenes that can quickly become deadly. Emergency personnel are sometimes presented with only moments to make efforts to rescue residents from inside.” the statement said. 

“We are thankful Officer Becker was in the area so quickly, and despite the dangers presented, was able to affect a rescue of the resident inside."

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