Man With Same Name as Brett Kavanaugh Describes Hate-Filled Tweets, Job Difficulties

Brett Kavanagh, of Louisville, Kentucky, finds that he often has to explain he's not the newest Supreme Court justice.

With the nation divided over the nomination of Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court, it might be a bad time to have that name. 

Just ask Brett Kavanagh of Louisville, Kentucky.

He shares the name of the newest Supreme Court Justice, though not the same spelling. 

He recently took to Twitter to say: "This is a terrible time to be Brett Kavanaugh."

“As soon as he had got ‘nominated,’ I was getting immediate hate tweets,” Kavanagh told Inside Edition. “I do work in sales, I say my name is Brett Kavanagh. They'd say, ‘What did you say your name is?’ I'd have to explain I’m a good guy."

His tweet has since got viral and he is not the only civilian with a name in the news. 

New Yorker Christine Ford, not the Dr. Christine Blasey Ford who described her sexual assault allegations before the Senate Judiciary Committee, tweeted: “It ain't no picnic for me either, ya know." 
There is also Susan Collins, who shares the name with the Republican Senator from Maine, who tweeted to Kavanagh: "Believe me, I feel your pain."

Kavanagh fully understands the confusion he is embroiled in will likely follow him around for a long time. 

However, he insists, he is “Just a local Brett Kavanagh trying to stay clear of trouble."