Man's Best Friend Stayed by 64-Year-Old Owner's Side After He Died on a Hike

Daisy sat patiently by her owner's side until authorities came.
Daisy sat patiently by her owner's side until authorities came.(Pierce County Sheriff's Department)

Authorities found the body when they heard his loyal dog barking.

A loyal dog was with her owner until the very end, and continued to stay by his side while waiting for authorities to find his body.

When a 64-year-old man was injured during his hike through Washington state, his dog Daisy remained by his side, barking and trying to alert authorities to her owner.

The man unfortunately succumbed to his injuries before being rescued.

“Without the barking of his loyal companion Daisy, we never would have located the missing man,” the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department wrote on Facebook.

Law enforcement said they were alerted to the situation when his wife called 911 to report her husband missing. She said that her husband often takes their dog hiking without leaving a note, and they didn’t return that night, but said she saw him looking up Evans Creek on their computer.

Authorities went looking for the pair the next morning, and had a difficult time finding him even after tracking down the location of his phone.

They eventually found the man’s car by early evening and continued to look for the man by foot.

“One hour later, the newest member of our Search & Rescue Team heard the sound of a dog barking as he was searching his mapped location,” deputies reported. “The deputy continued hiking toward the sound of the dog’s barking and spotted a dog matching the description of Daisy up a very steep embankment above the Marshall River.”

They believed he had most likely fallen and succumbed to his injuries.

Thanks to a coordinated effort by authorities and volunteers, they were able to bring the victim down from the mountains and return loyal Daisy to her home.

“This was a very sad end to a tough search, but we are incredibly proud of our deputies and the volunteers' efforts to find the missing man and return him to his family,” authorities said.