St. Bernard Is Best Friends With 95-Year-Old Widow

Miss Sally was befriended by Brody when he moved in next door.

Miss Sally, 95, has been living on her own since she was widowed 30 years ago, but everything changed when a new friend moved into the Mount Vernon, Washington, neighborhood two years ago.

A St. Bernard named Brody became best friends with Miss Sally and changed her life forever.

“I think it’s her voice or accent that he is attracted to,” Brody’s owner, Dave Mazzarella, told “The two of them are inseparable. When Miss Sally is around, Brody couldn’t care less about being with me.”

Mazzarella explained that he brought Brody home as a 12-week-old puppy from Tula, Russia.

“One day, we were outside and Miss Sally was walking to the mailbox to get her mail, Brody ran right to her,” Mazzarella said. “She had a treat and the rest was history.”

Lulu, the other pup living in Mazzarella’s home, also grew an affinity for Miss Sally, visiting her porch with her brother and snuggling up to Miss Sally on sunny days.

“Every time they were loose, I knew where they were – on Sally’s back porch,” Mazzarella said.

Miss Sally now lives in an assisted living home after suffering a mild heart attack six months ago, and both Brody and Lulu miss her every day.

“Her house is empty and the dogs go there every day, waiting at her back porch, hoping she will open the door,” Mazzarella said. “It’s pretty sad, actually.”

For now, the two pups visit their elderly friend at the assisted living home once a week and spend the rest of their days enjoying different sorts of adventures, all chronicled in a series of children’s books, The Story of Blizzard and Lulu.

Blizzard, Brody and Lulu’s older brother, is also a St. Bernard and passed away before Brody joined the family.