Masked Vigilante With Pickaxe and Citizens With Cones Fight Against Robotaxis

Many people are upset over driverless cars triggering traffic and stalling intersections.

Humans are turning against robots after robotaxis have been causing trouble on the streets. 

A video shows when a masked vigilante finally took matters into their hands and took to the self-driving car with a pickaxe, breaking every sensor mounted on the driverless vehicle. 

These robotaxis had just been approved for service in Phoenix and San Fransico and while some are amazed by the invention, others are frustrated at the traffic jams caused when the cars suddenly stall.

“There is growing fear for those autonomous vehicles,” Doug Shupe, AAA spokesman, said. “People are ready for new technology but they want it gradually.” 

Others taking a less violent stand against the robocars have been placing traffic cones on the hoods of the autonomous vehicles after finding out it confuses them. 

Both Cruise and Waymo, large autonomous taxi companies, cited their unblemished safety records as proof their taxis are safe for passengers. 

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