Massachusetts Man Finds Boa Constrictor Under Car Hood

He got quite the surprise.

A Massachusetts man got quite the surprise when he opened his car hood Saturday and discovered a boa constrictor curled up in the engine.

"It pretty much scared me to death," Joe Reed told WCVB. 

Reed called for help and was assisted by multiple officers who managed to wrangle the snake into a trash barrel.

″'Me and one of the officers wrangled it out of the engine," Reed said. "One cop grabbed it by the head, I had it with a broom, another one had it with baton."

But where the snake came from remained a mystery until later that day, when the owner came forward to claim the reptile. Turns out, the snake had managed to escape its enclosure.

The owner won't face any charges and "is thrilled the snake was located," police said.