Med Student Takes $600 Flight From Maryland to Florida to Cast Vote

Kaela Bynoe
Inside Edition

All across the United States, people are standing in long lines to vote early. Sixty-two million people have already voted—many by mail. But when one young woman’s absentee ballot didn’t arrive, she took drastic action by catching a flight home to where she is registered to vote.

Kaela Bynoe, a 23-year-old medical student at Johns Hopkins University, took an early morning flight from Baltimore to Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

“This election is too important, the stakes are too high for me to be complacent. I feel very strongly about a lot of issues,” Bynoe told Inside Edition.

She took an Uber from the airport to a library in Hollywood 16 miles away. She cast her ballot, took a selfie with an “I Voted” sticker and then hopped back on a plane to fly straight home, wearing a mask and swimming goggles on the flights to stay safe from coronavirus. The round trip cost $600.

“Voting is a right that everybody needs to exercise. We should all have a say in our government,” Bynoe said.


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