Meet ‘Dr. Andy,’ the 101-Year-Old Pediatrician That Still Practices Medicine in Miami

Dr. Andy is one a dozen physicians in the US who’ve hit the century mark and are still working.

Dr. Andy Margileth is 101 years old. And this pediatrician is still seeing patients at the University of Miami's Miller School of Medicine.

“It's a feel-good job. It's not even a job. It's just fun,” Dr. Andy says, describing his work. “What is more important than helping other people?”

Dr. Andy is one of about a dozen physicians in the US who’ve hit the century mark and are still working. 

Born just after World War I,  Dr. Andy served in the Navy during World War II. He was decorated for his service in military pediatrics. 

And Dr. Andy says he remembers having to deal with another pandemic from decades ago: polio.

“Polio was so bad. The death rate for kids, the iron lung. It was awful.”

Before the polio vaccine was developed in 1955, the virus caused some 15,000 cases of paralysis a year. 

Margileth was recently featured in CBS News’ “Profiles in Service.” And for his lifetime of caring for others, Dr. Andy said it boils down to one thing.

"Helping people, that's what it's all about.”

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