Meet Dr. Richard Gallagher, a Catholic Psychiatrist Who Helps With Exorcisms

The psychiatrist has a new book about his exorcism experiences titled “Demonic Foes.”

Dr. Richard Gallagher is a board-certified psychiatrist with an impressive resume. He’s also a longtime member of the International Association of Exorcists.

How does an Ivy League-educated physician end up dealing with exorcisms? “I was brought up Catholic. So I had an open mind about these things,” Gallagher told Inside Edition Digital. “I try to help suffering people, even if they have a controversial diagnosis.”

Gallagher has shared his experiences in a new book titled “Demonic Foes.”

"I don't want to give the impression that I think these conditions are anything but rare," he said, especially when it comes to demonic possession. "But I am aware that there's more of these cases than most people understand to be the case."

The psychiatrist is often brought in as a consultant in cases where "paranormal," or unexplained events are occurring: a patient speaking a foreign language they previously didn't know, rare cases of levitation and exhibitions of super human strength.

Such was the case with patient Gallagher called Julia.

"During the exorcism she spoke foreign languages. She exhibited enormous strength. She struggled against the people restraining her literally for hours, exhausting about five people who are trying to hold her. She also had other psychic abilities," he said.

"In the Catholic faith, in the Christian faith in general, we believe they're fallen angels," he explained.

Gallagher sees no contradiction between his religious beliefs and his medical training.

"I'm a doctor. I try to help suffering people, even if they have a controversial diagnosis," he noted. "Faith is supposed to be based on some evidence. The evidence is a little bit different than what the modern conception of science is."