Meet Rani, a Miniature Cow From Bangladesh Who Is Going for a Guinness World Record

Rani hopes to beat the current record-holder, a 24-inch-tall cow from India who set the record in 2014.

Rani, a miniature cow who lives in Bangladesh, might be the shortest cow in the world. She’s just 20 inches tall, 26 inches long, and weighs about 57 pounds. That’s roughly the size of a small dog. 

Rani is so petite that she can be carried around. And she’s attracted legions of fans, who’ve flocked to get a peek at the tiny bovine.

While a typical-sized cow can put away pounds of grain and feed a day, little Rani eats only dainty portions.

The managers at the farm where Rani lives have submitted her info to the good people at Guinness World Records

“We are just waiting and very confident that this will be very smallest one over the world,” farm director Mohammad Salim said.

The current record-holder is a 24-inch-tall cow from India, who set the record in 2014. Provided Rani doesn’t have a growth spurt, she’ll win that title, just like she’s won people’s hearts. 

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