Meet the Star NFL Player With 1 Hand

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The Griffin brothers are pro football players who have captured America’s heart, and they have written a book about their inspirational journey together, titled “Inseparable.”

Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin are identical twin brothers who both play defense for the Seattle Seahawks. And Shaquem, who had his left hand amputated as a child, is a star player with only one hand.

“This is a dream come true. This is a Cinderella story,” Shaquill told Inside Edition.  

“My eyes always go with the ball,” Shaquem added. 

Their mom, Tangi, says the boys were super tight from the day they were born.

“No matter what they would not leave each other,” she said. 

Even during Inside Edition's interview the brothers recalled the hook to Biz Markie's classic "Just a Friend," singing, "Oh baby, you got what I need." 

Growing up they played on the same high school football team and they followed each other to the University of Central Florida. 

“I had coaches ask me if Shaquill is serious about not leaving his brother until I found out he turned down scholarships,” she said. 

“No matter what team, what sport, we had to do it together. No matter what,” Shaquill said. “If you don't offer my brother. There's no reason to offer me.” 

In 2018, Shaquill was drafted by the Seahawks. Then one year later, Shaquem got his call to the Seattle squad. 

“It was nothing but the grace of God,” their mother said. “I am so proud of these boys.” 

“It’s not all about football. Not all about sports. It’s about life in general,” Shaquem said. 


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