Meet the Teen Who Faked His Death - for a Promposal

And she said yes.

A Missouri teen faked his death to ask his girlfriend to prom

Richard Fisher, 18, is known to be a prankster, so he concocted what he believed was a funny plan to ask his girlfriend to the dance.

Fisher’s girlfriend, Kiah Keys, 15, was left traumatized and inconsolable as Fisher pretended to lie dead on the ground and covered in "blood" in a video shared by Caters News. She'd been informed that he was in an "accident."

Fisher said Keys kept reminding him about prom beforehand and that he hadn’t asked her yet, so he said to her, "I am going to give you a promposal that will bring tears to your eyes."

And that's exactly what he did, but not in the way that she intended.

Keys said that once she got the call about the accident on April 16, she rushed to the scene with her mom. Once she saw Fisher on the ground, she lost it.

Fisher told, "When she started crying super hard, that’s when I hurried up and cut it."

Fisher then brought out a sign that read: "I’ve been dying to ask you to prom."

Within a few minutes Keys was laughing and smiling again.

"He is actually really sweet," Keys said.

The pair is scheduled to go to prom together on April 28.