Meet the Man Who Taught President Trump How to Use Twitter

Justin McConney said Trump was captivated by the attention he got on social media.

President Trump often turns to Twitter to get his message across. But who taught him to use social media?

That honor lies with Justin McConney, who told Inside Edition their relationship started during “The Apprentice,” when McConney was hired as Trump's social media director.

“I am the one who taught our president to tweet,” he said.

Trump started with baby steps, posting noncontroversial videos like one about eating pizza with a knife and fork. McConney said Trump was amazed by the reaction.

“I got called into his office and he said, 'Are you telling me all I have to do is put out a video or tweet and get this much coverage? This is possible?' He was sold from that instant on,” McConney recalled. 

For the first two years, McConney handled all the social media posts.

"I would print out his tweet mentions and he would take out a Sharpie and he would circle the ones he wanted to retweet and he would write down his replies and I would have to tweet them back," he said.

Then, Trump got his own smartphone, and the rest, as they say, is history.

“I felt like Dr. Alan Grant in ‘Jurassic Park,’ when the velociraptor can open doors,” McConney said.