Meet the Pup Who Narrowly Escaped Death in LA River in Harrowing Ordeal Broadcasted on Live TV

Multiple people tried to rescue the pup, including his owner, a good Samaritan and a firefighter. The dog was finally rescued nine miles downriver.

A German Shepherd mix named Scooby is safe and sound after being stranded in the Los Angeles river for nearly two hours on Monday.

The dog's relieved owner, Angela Buono, spoke with Inside Edition following the harrowing ordeal.

"It was scary, cause in my mind I was like, is this gonna be it for him?" Buono said.

Viewers were glued to the pup’s life-and-death drama that unfolded on live TV, after he ran into the normally dry river bed. But on this day, rainfall had turned it into a fast-moving river.

Buono says she didn’t hesitate before jumping in the river. But the current was so strong, she was also swept away. She was able to catch up to Scooby, but then became at risk of drowning.

They both drifted 30 minutes before rescuers were able to save her.

"I saw the guy coming from the helicopter, and he informed me that I had to release him. He assured me — I kept asking if he was going to go back for the dog. I saw him get swept away, and it was probably one of the scariest things ever," Buono said.

Then, a brave good Samaritan also attempted to save Scooby, but the spooked dog bit him. The man had to be saved by firefighters.

Another firefighter also got close, but Scooby again broke free.

Finally, nine miles from where Scooby was first swept away, a swift water rescue crew was able to place a rope around the exhausted dog and bring him to safety.

Buono says Scooby is a rescue dog and can sometimes get anxious.

Today, Scooby watched his crazy rescue on TV from the comfort of his living room, as Buono expressed thanks for everyone who did what they could to rescue her dog.

Fire officials say all the media coverage is a good opportunity to remind well-intentioned rescuers not to jump in rushing water themselves to try to save the day.

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