Meet the Texas Teen With the World’s Longest Legs

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Texas 17-year-old Maci Currin has the longest legs in the world, according to the Guiness Book of World Records. She stands 6 feet, 10 inches tall, and her legs alone measure 4 feet, 5 inches, accounting for 60% of her body height.

Her mom has to stand on top of a stepladder to be as tall as her daughter.

“Where a normal child would grow about two inches a year, she would always grow three, four, five inches every year consistently,” her mom told Inside Edition.

But being tall isn’t easy. When the teen lies in bed, her feet dangle over the end of the mattress. She also spends a lot of time ducking door frames and watching out for ceiling fans. 

Maci hopes to inspire other tall girls across the world.

“People always ask me if I could be shorter, would I? And I’m like, ‘no,’” the teen said.


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