Meet Witten, the Newborn Giraffe Named After Newly Retired Dallas Cowboys Star

“It seemed a fitting tribute," Dallas Zoo said.

Who better to name a newborn giraffe after than a Dallas Cowboys legend who just announced his retirement?

Meet Witten, a baby giraffe born at the Dallas Zoo last month — not to be confused with Jason Witten, the tight end who decided to hang up his helmet at about the same time.

“We did name him Witten, after Jason Witten,” Harrison Edell of the Dallas Zoo admitted. “It seemed a fitting tribute to an incredible community member and an incredible Dallas Cowboy.”  

The latest addition made his public debut earlier this week.

Born to mama giraffe, Crystal, the newborn now weighs 180 pounds after gaining more than 50 pounds since his birth.

"He’s still pretty little for a giraffe — he’s just under 6 feet tall, which sounds pretty big, but when you compare him to some of the adults, he’s still a little guy."

Witten is continuing to get to know the other 10 giraffes in the herd, and will continue making regular appearances in the outdoor enclosure as he becomes socialized.