Meghan Markle Seen as a Young Girl in 1991 Video Clip: 'What a Close Up!'

The video was shared with Inside Edition exclusively.

It's Meghan Markle as you've never seen her before, stealing the scene as an adorable 9-year-old girl in 1991.

The video was shared by her nephew Tyler Dooley and his mother, Tracy, exclusively with Inside Edition. In it, the future royal feeds ducks at Encino Park in Los Angeles.

Even then, she was full of spunk.

"She was the fun one, she was the one who just [said to] us, ‘Hey, yeah you can stay up late,'" her nephew said. “She was so cool; I wanted to be just like her."

Tracy, who used to be married to Markle’s half-brother, says she always knew there was something special about the woman who won the heart of Prince Harry.

"She is Meghan, who is the same Meghan as she was growing up — vivacious, smart, talented,” Tracy said. “She wanted to be a good woman and a woman that could help the world be a better place.”

They say it will be a “great honor” if they are invited to the royal wedding in May, but if not, they will be “supporting her and cheering her on.” 

Tyler says that if given the opportunity, he knows exactly what he would say to his now world-famous aunt.

"We love you and we're super proud and we're your biggest fans,” he proclaimed. 

Meanwhile, Markle is ready to shake things up for the upcoming royal wedding because she reportedly wants her mother, Doria, to walk her down the aisle — and not her father, Thomas Markle, who is leading a secluded life in Mexico. 

Dooley says Thomas Markle wanted to be part of the ceremony.

"He loves his daughter probably more than anything in the whole world and of course he wants to be there and he wants to be part of that," Dooley told Inside Edition. "I don't think what he wants, though, is to be bombarded by everyone."