Missing California Child Rescued From Mojave Desert Leaving Family Camp Site on Dirt Bike

Dhal sitting on blue dirt bike with red helmet on

The missing 5-year-old was located soon after leaving his family’s campsite on a dirt bike.

A California child was rescued from the Mojave Desert one day after setting out on his dirt bike during a camping trip with is family, officials said. 

Otto Dahl, 5, was found safe after being reported missing the day before, the San Bernardino Sheriff's Department said.

Dahl and his family were camping in California's Mojave Desert when he took his dirt bike out by himself. 

A search quickly ensued, as the San Bernardino County Sheriff's Department, California Highway Patrol, the San Bernardino County Search and Rescue Teams and a volunteer group called Desert Recovery SOS came together to locate the missing boy.

Luckily, even though the child did not have a phone with him, he was found early the next morning and was shortly reunited with his parents.

Sarah Dahl, the young boy’s mother, thanked everyone for their hard work to quickly bring her son back safe and sound.

"Thank you guys, so much, all your efforts, everything," Sarah Dahl said, KABC reported. "Staying up all night, searching all night. And for everything you guys have done, I can't thank you enough."

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