Missouri Man Wins $50,000 Lottery Ticket by Accident

Winning Lottery Scratch Game Ticket
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Bryan Burton asked a store clerk for Missouri's lottery ticket, but the clerk accidentally handed him the Millionaire Money scratch off. He ended up winning big.

A Missouri resident accidentally won big after a store clerk gave him the wrong lottery ticket.

Bryan Burton went into Casey's General Store in Joplin and asked to play the Missouri Lottery $100,000 Cash, but the clerk gave him the Millionaire Money scratchers game instead. 

"I asked for game 313, and she gave me game 294 instead," he told Missouri Lottery.

Burton took a chance, purchasing the ticket for $10, and ended up winning $50,000.

He immediately called his wife to let her know about his big win.

Last year, residents of Jasper County collectively won $14.9. million in lottery winnings. Nearly $7.7 million of those proceeds went to education programs throughout the country.

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